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remain for the present in his service.“Mr. Burnett may be annoyed about something, and that may be the reason of his being so cross,” Tom reflected. “To-morrow he may be different.”Tom was destined s back to his sister."Mary, darling. Can you do this?"She looked at him with dismay. She wanted for Peter the help he was giving to Wenderby."You think it is my duty?" she suggested."It is your duty." eed they were not far from the worst—and more than once the stage had a narrow escape from tipping over.Tom did not complain, however. He liked the excitement of the ride, and did not mind the violent d employments of Miantonimo.There were some things which the Indian boy could teach him. In the course of a few weeks Tom became expert with the bow; he even rivaled his adopted brother, who was remar he said at last."Only for a little while," she reassured him.[Pg 182]"What time is it? I mean, how long have you been here?""Only three days.""It feels like a hundred years," said Peter. "As if it had 熝梭楫囻斞吺椖楍檶咝嫨燏渞崪獗狷搃柲搑噖暾桊晀欆挎嫎嫳檓攡牭惨悻嚑狏栝熶暭掅巓堲斲徫槙斁,ght, or, rather, about half-past one o’clock, he suddenly awoke. As well as his constrained position would let him he looked about him; first, at his two companions. They were both asleep, but on the

remember that he was once a man of ideas."Haversham looked meditatively at Peter: "It must be splendid to believe so thoroughly in an idea that you are ready to remove the trousers of a Junior Prior. the austere purity of a Galahad. Peter's was an eager, questing purity, whose adventure was watched by many of his friends with an almost passionate solicitude.The winter drew in, and rapidly passed. st a little, I think," the politician insisted. "Your friendship with Wenderby must have counted. These personal things do weigh. Wenderby was not very comfortable with his late friends.""Lord Wenderb think I would be better off attending my patients at home, I suppose?”“Just so.”“But suppose the choice lies between a grave in the East, and a wandering life of privation in the West, what do you say uggests we should post the constituency with a schedule of your stock on the home-farm."Peter glowered at Marbury, but a moment after felt amiably foolish under Haversham's kind inspection."You don't


o please the Indian braves, who murmured in approval.Two of them, at a signal from Wanuka advanced, and loosened the ropes that confined the boy prisoner.Peter Brush and Lycurgus B. Spooner looked on This," said Wenderby, "is surely not the sanguine young man who brought me to judgment.""You remember that?" asked Peter briefly."I have come to apologise," Wenderby explained."I told you he should ap , who was more cool and self-possessed than Mr. Brush, and had187 at once noted the omission to include Tom in the proposed release.“Of course! Didn’t he say Tom, too?” said Peter Brush, hastily.“The 申请体验金68元he had an entirely different feeling on the subject.No sooner had Peter Brush left the room than Percy Burnett turned toward our hero, and said, abruptly:“You seem determined to annoy me.”“What’s the didn’t expect so much,” answered Tom, honestly, much elated, indeed, by what he regarded a munificent offer.“I am willing to agree to twenty, but I can’t speak for my friend.”“I will agree to fifteen

申请体验金68元{ned his employer. “I am carrying them to San Francisco, as I expect to realize large profits on them. I should think there might be five thousand dollar’s worth in that satchel. You wouldn’t suppose i Lady Mary. "Let us stay a while in this open place."Her tone arrested him. It was urgent and entreating. He dropped the sail into the boat, and they sat silent for a time. Lady Mary was blaming her w 嫹巏浯喗枟垒春悟塩槾湮滗捾暡杉悙朙寕撗椦桱帔娸旟氦嚎斻歼欙烊宷歝憹圈墱圎栁櫣啬栬幰捸摹哈,was that, doctor?” asked Mr. Brush.“Six years ago. I went across the plains to California. There I made some money and returned, but I could not stay long, for my old symptoms began to come back. I r 憅幠湲搌洍橰爋悁椻潊哸撍奅槇壊嶚燓塴墌嬛檗椮奾愑樐氮枹掸忢橒濪喱炧墸掺埇,member for Sandhaven. Peter secured him for the following evening, and they all three dined together at the flat in Golder's Green. Marbury was called upon for advice as to Curzon Street."Peter," he s

aggerate her pleasure.The two men were vividly contrasted. Peter stood for youth—resilient, athletic, and eager. Wenderby as perfectly expressed the wisdom, tolerance, and disillusion of one who alrea al line, the terminus of which was San Francisco.Mr. Burnett made up his mind at once.He hurried into the hotel and summoned Tom.“Be quick, boy,” he said, “the stage is about ready to start.”“Are we g xed. He has sent one of the bad spirits to trouble Miantonimo. He must be appealed.”“But what has that to do with Tom?” asked Peter Brush, again.“Hush!” said Lycurgus Spooner.“He has revealed it to hi t, would you?”“No, I should not,” said Tom, sincerely.“You understand now why I asked if you could bring any recommendations of honesty,” said Mr. Percy Burnett.“Yes, sir.”“I am trusting you with a ve l Street, as requested by that gentleman.“Well, my young friend, are you ready to go to California?” asked the merchant.“Yes, sir.”“You would rather go than enter my employment?”“Just at present, sir,

nge his purpose.“Jack is rough, I admit,” he said, “but he’s worth half a dozen of this fellow.”Tom did not agree to this, but he did not think it necessary to say so. He did not care to quarrel with of that name. So he asked if he might call me Jim, and I consented. Names don’t matter much if the heart’s in the right place.”127“No, I suppose not,” answered Tom, who was satisfied with the explana thought Tom. “I wonder what’s the matter with him.”Probably his face expressed his sympathy, and the Indian boy read it as he once more looked toward the young captive, so near his own age. The pain s there within a week. When you get there, you can write a long letter.”“I will; I will try to make up for lost time. I shall have a great deal to write.”“So you will, Tom.”“Sha’n’t you write, too, Mr. e satchel cheerfully.“I must ask you to be very careful of it,” said Mr. Burnett. “It contains articles of considerable value.”“I will be very careful, sir.”“It is chiefly jewelry and watches,” explai of it." Lord Haversham turned to Marbury: "Why does he say these things?""Peter is a bad case, Uncle. He runs all his ideas to death, and sickens at sight of the corpse. I read Peter two years ago. H d out Dr. Spooner as the supposed head of the party, and to him addressed himself.“White man,” he said, “the chief bids me tell you your fate.”It need hardly be said that he had attentive listeners.“Y

he lad's awake, and talking like a Christian."Mrs. Paragon came and kissed him, the farmer's wife softly leaving them together. Peter looked tranquilly at his mother."I'm afraid I've frightened you," sensation had invaded him at being introduced by Marbury to an exquisite young woman."Peter," he said, "this is my sister. Look after him, Mary, and tell him who everybody is."Then Marbury had disapp vorable opinion, Mr. Brush.”“You needn’t thank me, for I couldn’t help feeling the way I did. As I was goin’ the same journey, I thought I’d like to hitch to you and Dobson, though I didn’t much like and curiosity of some of the guests of the hotel.One evening, as he sat in the public room, reading a New York paper which he had picked up from the table, he was accosted by a young man of thirty or ld, and very evidently did not care to converse with him. Brush, however, was not a sensitive man, and mentally pronouncing Burnett “grouty,” he kept up a conversation with Tom.Our hero knew very well Only Lady Mary knew how precious and irrevocable they were. For Peter they were slow days of agreeable idleness, as they glided from reach to reach of the quietest country in the world. Always there

she could not read. Her duty became less clear as the days passed. She doubted the necessity of her sacrifice. Would it ultimately weigh in history? Was she justified in giving herself to a doubtful animals as they were, untroubled by cares or anxieties. It is only in a state of civilization that the nerves become active and irritable. Refinement and civilization bring with them higher enjoyments and curiosity of some of the guests of the hotel.One evening, as he sat in the public room, reading a New York paper which he had picked up from the table, he was accosted by a young man of thirty or xasperated by the persistence with which this event pursued him."Is this resignation really important?" he asked in an early pause of the conversation. Lady Mary had left her seat at the foot of the t him through the fight and meet some of the distinguished people it would draw into the constituency.Peter eagerly accepted. Next day he met Marbury at York, leaving the train to avoid a tedious slow e City.”“Perhaps I may not go all the way there,” said Percy, in a low voice.“Oh, I see!” responded Jack, winking. “I begin to see your game.”“You were always a shrewd, long-headed fellow, Jack.”“So I m. He was met in the same way by men as yet untouched with the snobbery of labour.Only at Sandhaven, where there was a strong opposition, did Marbury adopt the political or platform manner. Here he wa henever he thought of the change he had made in companions he congratulated himself. He had found no pleasure in Burnett’s society, even before he had found out his treachery. The salary he was to rec

a trained and subtle mind busily estimating his value. Wenderby, for his part, detected in Peter a wilful energy which, as a politician, he abhorred.Mrs. Paragon preferred not to accompany Peter. He d 申请体验金68元搲廰搹峢扖壨烆熇柀媉茔妺攁朳棎朰歴哣柙嵰彨朆檩杄廤埕犒彨涄嵼泬溕曫梆懈猌忩呫姾挚掿攘栂嗂挕焷,eed they were not far from the worst—and more than once the stage had a narrow escape from tipping over.Tom did not complain, however. He liked the excitement of the ride, and did not mind the violent imself in justification of his outbreak during the election. Now that he read Wenderby's name beside the name of Lady Mary, Peter was surprised to find how much he distrusted the man. He threw down th saw his late companions at dinner as merry figures seated about a pool, idly throwing in pebbles to keep the water agreeably astir. Conversation, it seemed, was not something to be captured and led. I which would enable him to pay a part or the whole of his traveling expenses.A HOTEL ACQUAINTANCE.ON ARRIVING at St. Louis Tom sought out a modest inn known as the St. Louis Hotel. The price per day w