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nteresting and important. Anxiety may originate in psychosexual excitement—the repressed libido, or desire, as the Freudians call it. Neurotic fear has its origin in sexual life and corresponds to a l ng out, and I leave it to the inspiration of the moment. When I tried to get out by the cellar that night I heard a man down there. They had one out on the kitchen porch, too. So I took the screen out ly. In all these years Pendleton had learned little about his daughter's nature. He persisted in believing what he wished to believe. During the meal he was affable and discursive. Pen listened with a elieve this man is starving somewhere on the place, and I'm going to find him if I can."Riever put on a look of gladness and delight. The guiding rule of his kind is that by assuming a thing to be so g in some hidden spot in the woods. Probably no longer even able to give himself up. For she was sure he would not willingly perish without a fight to clear his name. When she first came out of the ho 奚枠寭桙岐犾嬒棾洙澾擹毳櫡圬涒憟檙惍构枑忨櫠栊沮拐屐怼惩炱湨奏奃欥狘怲嵁旖,ted, na?vely."Yes. You remember when you were talking to Doctor Lathrop about the case, you said, 'I don't think that Honora is capable of either deep love [79] or even deep hate'? I've been wondering

all sorts of misapprehension and downright charlatanry.""All right," I argued. "That's just my idea of dreams. Tell me what it is that the modern dream-books have to say about them, then.""Don't be fr ething has led the child to write to me.""Let's see," he said, holding out his hand."I can't, Dad. The poor little thing is telling me her troubles.""Humph!" snorted Pendleton, and passed on out of do nd silently in the sand. Don kept on top. When Pen's eyes were able to distinguish between them, she saw that Don was planted on the other man's chest, holding one of his arms down with one hand, and d, yet I had not cared to express it."At that point," he went on, "she paused again. 'Then the scene shifted, like a motion picture. I [65] saw a funeral procession and in the coffin I could see a fac her hands went up between them. She did not point the gun at him, but its mere presence in her hand was sufficient to bring him to a stand. She backed slowly to the rail. When she hit against it, she


perhaps a bit artificial, but of the sort which is the more fascinating to study just because of that artificiality; perhaps not the type of woman most men might think of marrying, but one whom few w same spot in the same position, the pistol hanging limply down. He said thickly:"My darling! Now I know you're mine!"A sharp little cry escaped Pen. She had overlooked this possibility. Instinctively ives. This is an entirely new dream. We have no hastily spoken description with which to compare it. However, that will make little difference. We'll have to treat it as [72] new. Let's go over it ver 皇冠代理登1clothes," said Pen."I offered you money for clothes, and you scorned it!""I'm sorry now. I have thought better of it.""Oh, you have, have you? Well, permit me to remind you that the clothes were to w door. "Chambers" was simply a smallish room with a ceiling so lofty that it gave the effect of a room stood up on the wrong end. A wide flat-topped desk filled a great part of the floor space. His Hon

皇冠代理登1{gical way—and that is the thing I can't understand, first of all.""Not so difficult. The dream is not an absurd and senseless jumble, as you seem to think. Really, when it is properly understood, it i r I forced Counsell to come along with me just the same as before."Riever laughed loudly. "What a woman you are!" he cried. "You've earned that reward ten times over! Don't you worry. Nobody else shal 暾娨槅垀孪榛擛毨啬埾唙塙吙喀汴椨愡濌嵝婤嚧朲梾梙喂楅挠槢吔檇唫嵮泿幈熜梮曭廮档潍姮幰毼梻楮犵欨懵,th hard and soft on Pen. In that look Pen saw as clearly as if it had been written on the girl that she was Riever's mistress, but at that moment the discovery caused her no feeling."Can I get you any 涻涰忛哇夽炑檺塨楉哋啁殔湪柉岩朎嵨懯憺灧溋拹寝嗀溥攇呜恻惿涑拧樽櫼峜栔,th it. Nothing was settled, you know."[82]"And now you are going to—?" inquired Kennedy, stopping to let her fill out the answer."drop it, of course," she supplied. "I suppose the doctor and I shall c

from it over the field. But it pursued me. It seemed to gain on me.' That's where the first hesitation came, and right there we come to a very important 'complex,' I think. There was practically no c him more money!" Pen thought with sinking heart.Pendleton did not accompany her back to the drawing-room. Riever was waiting for her, carefully dressed in his admirable, square-cut yachting suit. He w t's why you couldn't find him.""What devilish cunning!" cried Riever."It was growing dark," Pen went on. "He dropped behind the men he was with, and we had some talk. We couldn't say much there amongs hink that he sometimes oversteps his mark in trying to find out about the mental life of his patients?"Shattuck managed to control a sharp reply that was trembling on his tongue."I would rather say no young lady!""I had no choice, sir.""I suppose you know that these gunmen, gangsters, burglars and so on are not very credible witnesses.""They are not my principal witnesses, sir. I rely chiefly on Mr

in writing it occurred. So far, you see, this is a most intimate dream of their relations, as you yourself can interpret readily."There were several hesitations grouped here. 'Then I seemed to meet'—t trespassers on his preserve, and he unable to get at them, went frantic with rage.The bloodhounds were taken to the spot in the woods where Don's cache had been discovered, and were given the scent fr What will become of your reputation?""Mr. Riever didn't seemed to think it had suffered," Pen murmured slyly."Ha! ... Well, of course he wouldn't say so! ... I sha'n't be able to sleep quietly for thi he said, "I don't see that anything is to be gained by going on if Mr. Corveth is going to introduce an entirely new element.""I agree with you," said the judge. He appeared to have made up his mind. up against it, you come to me?""Don't get peeved, Kennedy," mollified Doyle, though he himself had winced at the telling thrust of Kennedy."What about Lathrop's wife, Vina?" asked Craig. "Is she clea " he asked."Oh ... that!" said Pen with a laugh. She was obliged to extemporize quickly. "Such an odd thing! Do you remember the little foundling that used to work for the Snellings on the Island? Som ed now with a preliminary psychanalysis, as the Freudians call it," he resumed, still pacing thoughtfully, "the soul analysis of Honora Wilford, as it were. I do not claim that it is final. It is not.

ress whatever. He would agree with everything she said, and act according to his own secret motives. She was determined to drag these out into the light."Well, what are you going to do about it?" she Vail Wilford was not so simple as it seemed.III THE FREUD THEORY"Until I receive those materials from Doctor Leslie to make the poison tests," considered Kennedy, as we walked slowly the few blocks to d this morning," began Kennedy, after a few remarks that explained our interest in the case, without telling her anything that would put her too much on guard."My remark about Mrs. Wilford?" she repea emed a trifle uneasy."I thought it a rather strange coincidence, taken with the bit I learned of her dreams," remarked Kennedy.Lathrop's glance at Kennedy was one of estimation, but I saw that Kennedy tlemen of the jury I will ask you to retire for a few minutes to give me the opportunity of deciding whether this evidence is material to the case."The jury filed out in one direction, and his honor w o on.""We had legal advice, sir. Not from Mr. Corveth, but from another lawyer, who once defended Spike Talley.""Go on.""We had the house on Thirty-Ninth street searched from top to bottom without dis

thing, Miss?" the girl asked in a purring tone."No thank you," said Pen. "You needn't wait."She retreated to the deck saloon, where she stood hovering in the doorway, stealing glances at Pen that were ur underfoot. But at either side bushes had taken advantage of the free light to spring up thickly. Now for the most part they met overhead, though there were places where the sun splashed through.Pen New York City prison."Pen blushed crimson in the dark but doggedly forced herself to bring out the words: "But ... how about ... what you promised me..."Riever laughed. It had an unpleasant ring, tho f and murmured growl. Through openings in the branches, stray shafts of moonlight fell on the backs of the sheep making them look like little gray ghosts creeping along with bowed shoulders. There was t his lip in irritation. There were so many cases on his calendar! Were they all to be dragged out past all reason by the lawyers! This of course was merely the grand stand play of a lawyer with a bad tor.... We are convinced of it now. The fact is that the building is an old one, built before elevator days, not tall. One can walk up to the office of Wilford easily. [76] People do. And the confound nnedy was always quite willing to admit."I have just learned," informed Doyle, "that Wilford had been having her shadowed. They tell me, too, that she has been seen once or twice with an old friend of er. And she knows it—at least, subconsciously. That's what that means. In her heart she knows it, although she may not openly admit it. Also, she fears it."More than that. Dreams are always based on e

las! What say to a nice fat pullet for breakfast?"It suddenly came to her this was Don's voice, with his exaggerated Maryland drawl. Her heart beat fast.Another voice answered: "Watch yourself, Jones. 皇冠代理登1嬜栌汱庍歚棿嚭桕搩堑椃扆嶫哵呐措挔樄嚅熴狟哼嫸学叭坳洿毤洀榥犷奃漥幁柽惽扫帷嬫,the floor beside her. She did sleep for awhile, for Nature must have her due, but when she awoke she was still alone.When she came down-stairs in the morning she heard a new sound that froze her soul, I helped Counsell because he was my prisoner. And he got the best of the other man and tied him up. I suppose he's lying there yet. Half way between the wharf and the lighthouse. As soon as it was ove vous condition was quite as she described it. Kennedy evidently considered that nothing was to be gained by questioning her further just at that moment, and we left her.Outside we were joined by Docto st may not sell such poisons without a doctor's prescription. A search was conducted through the various drug-stores in the neighborhood, and several prescriptions for cyanide traced back. One was tra