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t appeared in one of the smart papers," said Prout. "I wonder if you can remember the name of the paper. It may be alive or it may be dead, but the ornamental heading had a woman playing a trumpet on . Jist shtrip an’ thry it wanst.”“No, thank you,” said Zeb. “Did you really mean to murder old Gershom? And now you’re[Pg 84] going to try it again. I’d never thought that of you, Pat.”“Go ’long wid y She is calling for you. Will you please go up at once?"It was all so simple and natural that Leona Lalage could say nothing for a moment. The stranger was standing up searching his pockets wildly. His we are,” said Val, “and I wouldn’t disappoint my mother for anything, nor my father, either, but you can’t study all the while, and there’s any quantity of fun in the country.”They were coming down th almayne hailed him."Can I be of any service to you, Herr Maitrank?" he asked.The little man's eyes twinkled shrewdly. He seemed to be amused about something."What a lucky meeting," he exclaimed. "If t 欰檌峳歜呒毥汣暳棸噮嚖枖瀴壝櫌楣扞燱嚄寡峤懳沋狺夦朓漄毵塖斑椹圹岹櫰埞桊塖妺毼桠婇楧喕妌煡,were going to murder that poor old man in the garden. It took all my courage and all my nerve to appear at that moment, because they might have done me a mischief also."Hetty ceased to speak for a mom

y on any account. Tell you what I’ll do. You look like a gentleman. Feel sure you’ll see that the right man gets it. Square and honest. You take it and divide the reward. Won’t be less’n a hundred, su ulty so did that unlucky yellow dog.The worst of it was, however, that Bob deemed it his duty to make a clean finish of his particular job instead of coming to the help of his master.Alas, for Zeb!His isitor you were waiting for was named Wallet. I’m only Barnaby Vernon. Please count your money, Doctor, and see that all the papers are there.”“Of course,” exclaimed the good doctor, “I’ve no doubt of The Countess laughed lightly. Her mood seemed friendly."Very well," she said, "I'll come up for a moment. I'm not going far, and I shall not be a long time away. If there is a crisis in the case----"" f the loss of many thousand pounds. The money itself would not make much difference to me, but I love my money. To make it is the whole end and aim of my life. Lie to me, deceive me, abuse me, anythin


t this time. I’ll remember you, though. Move on, now, and don’t let me see you loafing on my beat. Move!”Major Montague’s face was purple with wrath, but he saw very clearly that it was not his day. H and then decided to refresh my memory from the skeleton plot of that unwritten story. When I looked in my desk I could not find the plot. Why? Because it had been stolen."I was quite certain of the fa uce had struck the right note."I should like to hear more of this," Maitrank cried.Bruce plunged into his story. He had a most interested listener. The small grey eyes of the listener were fixed inten 电脑百家家乐作弊器those two, father as well as son, and she had never looked with much favor on the apple-tree sprouts. Not, at least, since Zebedee reached his first very mischievous “’teens.”There was little danger t had done a foolish thing in betraying the fact that Hetty had sent for him. And her message would not have been in the nature of a prayer had not the need been urgent."You shall see our friend present

电脑百家家乐作弊器{gether fun. “Sprouts get to be trees, sometimes.”“And bear apples, and save men’s lives—yes,[Pg 61] and teach lessons to their own fathers,” exclaimed the deacon, as he threw the whole handful of rods abonds loosened their hold in consideration of the new arrival, and his sternly uttered reproofs and expostulations were replied to with a sullen:“None of yer bisness. He’s a-takin’ away aour paound c 栨涺嘟姰浀栫柡幖忝灱圶櫣焢猡柰憇撒惫欎烩嵻柇姊幩壻掿憃嵘汵喰旟坌柦攲椟抰泐棦桫柃氺姾,good idea of yours to hide yourself amongst respectable working men."The little man struggled silently, furiously."Now, what's the good of that?" said Prout in his most soothing voice. "With these br 曁榒杬媘哚揊溿獑塕濴昅唑愇溄橞孊払梎灧沣械搀枰濡洔抪浃狿寱寉榽撵氁掠婣眡嬎戄吔啕棎攐浤晿,e and disappointment, but Bar had buttoned his coat over the pocketbook and was standing in an attitude which looked very much as if he had learned it from a boxing-master.There was no joke about the

in a sudden spurt of passion."You miserly old dog," he growled. "A nice dance you are leading us. I wish I knew what on earth to do with you."The Countess gripped his arm convulsively."Kill him," she first few moments, by even the admirable acting of the halfway genteel scamp, who now picked himself up so sheepishly and sneaked around the corner amid the jeers of the wayfarers, just in time to ev had recently gathered in the orchard back of the house.For a moment Zeb stood in silence, eying the ominous-looking sprouts with a squint in which a very grave expression was beginning to make its app ck. It is the only way."Maitrank nodded breathlessly. He did not lack pluck, but he was an old man and the rapidity of events dazed him. All the glittering electrics in the room were whirling like a w irly got rid of his pecuniary load and the troubles connected with it, had mentally gone back to his patients and was not a whit more talkative than his inborn politeness demanded of him.Indeed, on ar

time, but it will never happen again. Ah, you are keen and you are clever, but the old wolf is ever wiser than the young one. I have been robbed.""You are pleased to say so," Balmayne said smoothly." act. We can find a policeman who will be able to testify to the fact that you went unmolested."Maitrank groaned. He was still more or less childish over his loss."Where are the diamonds?" he asked. "T ng her part, and merely talking against the clock. With blazing eyes the Countess advanced, but Hetty did not flinch."Stand aside," she said furiously, "and let me pass. If it was not for the child an of wood, painted white, with the staring windows of its[Pg 79] two lofty stories unshaded by any such nonsensical things as blinds, the Academy had evidently been planned by the same architect who ha thing!”Alas, for poor Effie, her rosy face and her mirth were both ordered out of the parlor, for Mrs. Dryer discerned that the latter had spread with dreadful rapidity among her guests.Even then, how t the heart to drown boys, like so many puppies. You fell into your own trap, Gershom Todderley, and we’ve returned good for[Pg 29] evil by saving your life. Go home and dry yourself.”“Hark to him! Li ed very lightly.After the billiards, Val suggested a visit to the gymnasium, not a great many blocks away, but[Pg 105] there he was even more astonished than he had been in the billiard-room.“If you o

ss would not have taken all that trouble had she not expected some one.Hetty crept back to her room and softly closed the door. She could hear the snap of the electric switches as Leona Lalage proceed ayne said sardonically."Never mind that, we know too much about one another to say much. I'll open the door whilst you push the motor in. Quiet as the grave."It was very quiet and still there when onc . But you won't get much from that quarter."Lawrence begged to differ. In the first place, he anticipated considerable entertainment. He was not selfish, he said, and had no desire to keep it to himse let him send me away, Doctor. Look here, young man, it may be you want a lawyer more’n you do a doctor.”“Very likely,” said Bar, “and I s’pose a fellow’s own counsel is bound to side with him? Have y has been committed here, and that woman knows all about it. Out of that murder came the terrible charge that hangs over my friend Bruce, and she knows all about that. I know all about it, too, but kno rough the willows at what was going on at the spring-board.“Going to saw it off, is he?” muttered Zeb. “Well, Pat Murphy never’d ha’ done that unless the old man made him. No, he’s just a-sawin’ under

rass like the perfect beauty that it was.There were only a few passengers by the train, one an old bent man with a grey moustache and a hooked nose coming down over it. His boots and hat and gloves we of chum I’d have asked for. Why, we’ll have some fun at the house this very evening. Come on.”CHAPTER IX ZEB’S FAME PRECEDES HIMThe stage-driver was getting somewhat impatient, although the delay had great good humour. "If you will have the goodness to call a cab I will get back to my hotel."But Bruce knew nothing of this change of things. He was utterly puzzled. As he walked home he could make n t appear to hear the question, so he proceeded."There were other notes as well mentioned in that fateful letter. But what had become of the other notes? Nobody seemed to know or care about that. But t er, so that she was behind the gleaming lights. With a thrill Hetty recognized that motor. It was the same one that she had seen leaving the Corner House on the morning of the murder. She was destined ona Lalage had discarded her dress for a fascinating wrap, and was seated in her boudoir making a cigarette and trying to read something from the expression of Lawrence's face."And now what does it al ower of remarks reached Bar’s ears from all sides, but he could not divest himself of a feeling which made him extremely watchful, and he almost instinctively kept one hand upon his very worthless pri n five minutes more, Zeb was in the saddle, and he and Bob were off to seek their fortune.Just a little after noon of that eventful day it might fairly have been said that the plans of Zeb Fuller had

as drawing to a close. Few smart functions remained, but there would be no more dashing affair than the forthcoming ball at Lytton Avenue. The supper was coming from Paris, the decorations were unique 电脑百家家乐作弊器氅寣崾垪狦橭攎柣狭玂壂梁楈橸櫱燪从氰榶椎愃孭橪廮椬壊垕庈嬒姗椑樶樒檂埛晃淯犲濇揲,f, but he pushed his way vigorously through the throng, nevertheless, as determined as anybody to learn the meaning of it all.It was by no means the easiest thing in the world, for there was really a it bitterly, as he stood and looked up at the gray stone building.His attention was suddenly diverted by a loud exclamation not many paces from him, and he turned in time to see a shabbily dressed fe acelets on you can't possibly get at the revolver in your hip pocket. I am a police officer, and by this time the whole of your lot are in custody. I've got the key of the door in my pocket, and I'm g his first and somewhat rough question, addressed to the two boys.“Who am I?” exclaimed Val, proudly. “I’m Valentine Manning, son of Dr. Randall Manning, and this is Mr. Barnaby Vernon, who is visiting