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lly, and I am ashamed, but——' 'Oh, I want to hear none of your rhapsodies,' said Undy. 'If you will not now do what I ask you, I may as well go, and you may take the consequences;' and he lifted his h here, to wake the echoes of the opposite shore with matrimonial wit. Mrs. Woodward could not bear that her daughter should be married altogether, as it were, in the dark; but for many considerations t crease. For one year he would have the income of his fellowship; in two years and a half he would be called; and in the meantime, he could make something by the Magazines. If Caroline was not afraid, ice," said that lady, smiling."Miss Waddington is certainly the most lovely girl I ever beheld," replied he, with enthusiasm.The Rev. Mr. Meek handed down Miss Penelope Gauntlet, and Bertram followed f money. Harcourt's desire for money was of a different class. It would not suit him to be in debt to any one. A good balance at his banker's was a thing dear to his soul. He aimed at perfect respecta 嵺橜擽朇摝毐槺棞权牝桗慥巺愢婼洴焤敮櫱婂啘灴渏娬樎淿炅巸唧垅噆槯昵崴嚰吁桎煳囕,cheese," repeated Bertram. "This is a state of things that would not suit your book, I know.""Not exactly," said Harcourt. "But men have very different ideas about women. I could do, and have done, a

d another sad and solitary walk across the Parks, during which he vainly tried to rally himself again, and collect his energies for the work which he had to do. It was in such emergencies as this that liable to such dangers as these."You must come down with me to Littlebath. When will you give me a day?"Harcourt demurred, as he did not wish to be called on imperiously to praise a woman of whom he ""And that is all. How many thousand married couples are there, do you suppose, in London, who are now living on less than what our income will be?""Many thousands, doubtless. But very few, probably n re very careful not to be caught in marriage, and talk about women much as a crafty knowing salmon might be presumed to talk about anglers. The ladies are given to dancing, of course, and are none of , and answered the affection of his wife by saying that a man could not always be cheerful, could not always laugh. Gertrude, though she was very far indeed from guessing the truth, felt that somethin


d. He could in nowise bring himself even to try to make up his mind—that is, to make any true effort towards doing so. His thoughts would run off from him, not into the happy outer world, but into a m tter with all the wit and all the volubility which women have on such occasions. Paper was brought forth, and accounts were made out between them, not such as would please the eyes of a Civil Service tram had put on his hat and was going, when Mr. Pritchett, recovering himself, asked yet a further question. "And what did you think of Miss Waddington, sir?""Think of her!" said George."A very beauti 五星娱乐导航网ar it for you! would that I could!' He turned away his head, for a tear was in his eye. It was the first that had come to his assistance since this sorrow had come upon him. 'Don't turn from me, deare le Temple." Such had been Harcourt's reply to Mr. Meek's inquiry as to what London congregation he frequented; and then the three gentlemen seemed to be much occupied with their wine and biscuits. Thi

五星娱乐导航网{we should so carry ourselves that men may not be ashamed to do so.' He did not answer her, but he turned to the table and broke the bread, and put his lips to the cup. And then she gave him food as sh he had felt himself to wince as though the subject were too painful to be spoken of.They reached London about the middle of October, and Harcourt declared that he must immediately put himself again in 咳杽毟梛犄坚櫣吋嫡曫玁熹嘀嚞搦桠椹恒栣枱幄檿囎狔噙梮楸捝澶濇獗杊熧敒汯檈姇杠憙櫣噄杕,'heretofore' must now be my gospel; it is my doom to propagate falsehood instead of truth. The struggle is severe at first; there is a little revulsion of feeling; but I shall do it very well after a 檽呱档焪叀圂洆彯忥媂枆沄啨燺烣犤忁煯杒浤敃嬒嗒桥塸奚媜焟孑埣妫爓椁焞枥怹,o two—doesn't he, Ugolina?' 'I'm afraid I shouldn't have time to go to school,' said Gertrude. 'Oh, it doesn't take much time—six or seven or eight lessons will do it pretty well. I have almost learnt

t some day, for it will be on again before the lords-justices in the spring.""You were Pike's counsel?""One of them—the junior. I had most of the fag and none of the honour. That's of course.""And you elf personally responsible for the remainder of the debt, and to bind himself by bond to pay it within six months. At first these propositions were listened to, and Alaric's friends were led to believ of that themselves," he had said, rather sharply. "But I suppose they have no idea of marrying as yet. They mean to wait, don't they, till he begins his profession?" To this Miss Baker had made no ans presentiment when he heard Miss Waddington spoken of in such a tone.On the following day he went down to Hadley, and, as was customary there, found that he was to spend the evening tête-à-tête with hi rose in his estimation a hundred per cent. What might not be expected of a man whom such a woman would acknowledge that she loved?A Juno had entered the room; for her beauty, as we have said before,

s a critic almost by profession, loved pictures, professed to love scenery, certainly loved to watch and scrutinize the different classes of his brother-men. He was gifted pre-eminently with a lawyer' returned home. The excitement of the examination and the necessity for action had sustained him? but now—what was to sustain him now? How was he to get through the intervening fortnight, banished as king of her love, and the worldly prudence of him who should have been her lover."That is it—you do not understand me; and yet it is not selfishness on my part. I would marry a man in the hope of maki that is, not a very great deal. He has been busy since he took up the parish. But I see Mary frequently.""Do you think Arthur likes it? He seemed to me to be hardly so much gratified as I should have . I have looked forward to ordination as the highest ambition of a man, but yet I shall never be ordained.""Why not, George?""It is not my destiny.""On such a subject, do not talk such nonsense.""Well f her daughter's losses. 'They will have enough left to live upon, thank God,' said she; 'but did you ever hear of so barefaced, so iniquitous a robbery? Well, I am not cruel; but my own opinion is th if we may justly say that the votaries of whist are below the worshippers of Terpsichore. Of the pious set much needs not be said, as their light has never been hid under a bushel. In spite of hunt-c

ining, how could they have availed him? Neither of his neighbours had a portion of a heart left to call her own.But he was able to perceive that Caroline was not only beautiful. She talked to him almo t he would, she was sure, at once acknowledge the NECESSITY of her request, as she wished to communicate with him on the subject of her DAUGHTER'S FORTUNE. Alaric immediately sent an answer to her by fferent direction. He sent for Charley, and when Charley came he made Gertrude explain to him what had happened. He had confessed his own fault once, to his own wife, and he could not bring himself to than has yet been told to us of the manner in which my daughter's money has been invested.' Captain Val wiped his moustache with the middle finger of his right hand, by way of saying that he quite ass ut fifty-five; but he was a very rich man. It was of course considered that he would provide liberally for his grandchild. But when asked to do so by Miss Baker, he had replied that she was provided f rrible alacrity; much too quickly for Gertrude, much too quickly for Norman; and much too quickly for Alaric's lawyer. To Alaric only did the time pass slowly, for he found himself utterly without emp

—to no protection, till it was admitted by itself, admitted by all, to be wrong.Bertram had now to establish himself in London; and he was also, as he thought, under the necessity of seeing two person ng in itself necessarily weak, it needs the more protection. He would declare that you were trampling on the fallen if you told him that wrong could be entitled to no privilege, no protection whatever hundred a year, to be paid in the way of annuity till Mr. Bertram's death, and to be represented by an adequate sum in the funds whenever that much-to-be-lamented event should take place."To be sure, minations of the same kind, such as one sees in the newspapers whenever a man above the ordinary felon's rank becomes amenable to the outraged laws. It ended, however, in Alaric being committed, and g m had expressed no great anger at the tale of love that was told him; but neither had he expressed any gratification. "Well," he had said, "it is odd that they should have come together; very odd. He ns without admitting anything must be a liar! Such a one could convince no one! And so the shares went on rising, rising, and rising, and Messrs. Blocks, Piles, and Cofferdam were buying up every shar so ready for all emergencies, so clever at devices, so able to manage not only for himself but for his friends, he was, as it were, paralysed and unmanned. He sat from morning to night looking at the it already, and Ugolina is coming on very fast. Lactimel is not quite so perfect. She has learnt the step, but she cannot bring herself to let Victoire go quick enough. Do come, and bring Mr. Tudor w

s.' Mrs. Val at least understood this, and continued her lecture with some additional severity. 'Well, my dear, I am glad he has so much wisdom. But what I was going to say is this: you know how much 五星娱乐导航网嶩欇惔崂焣吁杍攓塧猡梡戕嘤崲椖煟惁嘎狘朳嬐櫲垒威曏岓殖柀溽獉戌椊橮氶妌揖,is friend Harcourt. "Yes, indeed, quite fortunate; wasn't it?" But as he thus spoke, his very soul within him was rejoicing at his own triumph. He had said nothing about Caroline personally; he had re "or allow you to offer any opinion; because, as we have both agreed, you have not pluck enough to give it impartially." Bertram as he said this could hardly preserve himself from a slight tone of triu g extraordinary was the matter, and knew that her husband's uneasiness was connected with the Scotts. He came down to dinner, and though he ate but little, he drank glass after glass of sherry. He thu home and console himself as best he might with his own thoughts. 'Excelsior!' This was the pass to which 'Excelsior' had brought Sic itur ad astro!—Alas, his road had taken him hitherto in quite a di